Wala Nang Next Time


Wala Nang Next Time is a musical film that tells the story of a senior high school student who stands on a point where he is about to face a series of significant changes in life. It narrates the difficulties of making decisions that are influenced by moral, social, and personal motives. It is about mourning for what is past, appreciating the best of what is present, and confronting the fears and hopes of the future.

The film is an attempt to produce the type of musical wherein the numbers are integrated ‘naturally’ as part of the plot. The songs are strategically placed at moments where the characters feel heightened emotions. The film reinforces Martin Sutton’s idea that “the musical ... turns its wayward dreamers into conformists” (195) which mirrors the custom of an ideal Filipino setting wherein children are sometimes compelled to follow their parents’ advice despite yearning for a life they themselves envisioned.

Baban, Jesse Rey Logrosa. Wala Nang Next Time. University of the Philippines Diliman, College of Mass Communication, 2010. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis.

Subject Index: Musical films -- Teenagers -- Philippines