What they say about UVLe

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"UVLE is amazing! I used to think it was such an un-user friendly environment, given that my experience with it was pretty much limited to long-forgotten undergrad econ lecture materials and fairly recently, as storage for our PIL lecture materials. Now, it's so refreshing to see first hand that the UVLE can give so much more to those willing to maximize its potential." -- ayoj @ http://lawandict.blogspot.com/2010/08/dilc-and-uvle.html

UVLe 2.0 "looks good and cool!" -- a UP Stat prof

UVLe is a "very professional looking website." -- T. Co

"...I am more in love with the UVLE as I learn to use it more." -- Sylvia Estrada Claudio (UP Center for Women’s Studies)

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