Why Use UVLe Instead of Other Free Online Learning Management Systems

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  • At the end of the day, as one economist puts it, there's no such thing as free lunch. "If you're not paying for it, you become the product.". UVLe is supported by the University and the Filipino taxpayers.
  • UVLe is a feature-rich system. It can hold its own when compared with many learning management systems out there. But whatever feature you feel is lacking in UVLe and is found in other free online learning management systems, please tell its developers and they'll try to include it in UVLe.
  • The University has full custody of the system, its files, user profiles. The UVLe infrastructure is owned and managed by the University, not by some distant corporations.
  • UVLe fosters institutional memory. Its contents (course syllabi, assignments, fora, chat sessions, etc) are part of the UP academic life whose due importance must endure.
  • UVLe is sustainable. By far, it's database has been maintained and grown for over six (6) years already. While there's no guarantee the University can keep the service running forever, serious efforts are made so that it runs for a long time. Such efforts include 3 off-site backups of UVLe, changing or upgrading the hardware every 3 years, periodic software upgrade, maintenance of support infrastructure (stable power, room temperature, humidity, dust), staff training.
  • Using UVLe is a material, rational, emotional, organizational buy-in to a University service that's strengthened by user feedback, comments, suggestions, contributions. If UP constituents want to improve a University service like UVLe, they should use it, demand constant enhancements, and not accept excuses for any poor delivery of service.
  • Using UVLe strengthens local capacity for development, training, support for advanced technologies. It also provides the incentive to strengthen local infrastructure.
  • As UVLe is locally hosted, using it lessens congestion of outbound Internet traffic on campus. Access to UVLe from different Internet service providers shouldn't be a problem either. Report access-related issues to the Helpdesk.

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