Yakal Residence Hall Association


Location: Magsaysay Avenue
Capacity: 196 males and 182 females
Contact Number: 981-8500 local 4620

Yakal Residence Hall Association (YRHA)

The UP Yakal Residence Hall Association (UP YRHA) is the official in-house association of residents in Yakal Residence Hall, the most sought after dormitory of the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Since its inception in 1962, YRHA has actively forwarded its objectives of promoting academic excellence and enhancing camaraderie among its residents through activities that will help in achieving the aforementioned goals.


Yakal Residence Hall was built in 1962 from the vestiges of six-type A cottages of UP Men's North Dormitory which were demolished in 1961. US Peace Corps-male and female volunteers, including Filipino counterparts, were the first occupants of Yakal for one summer in 1962. Upon their departure, female students of all year levels who could not be accomodated in Banahaw Residence Hall (now Ilang-Ilang Residence Hall) were accepted.

This unit became a men's hall for the undergraduates, from sophomores to seniors between 1962 to 1966. It was not until the construction of the Female Extension on October, 1978 that Yakal was made co-educational. Upon completion of the building, all female residents from Narra were asked to transfer to Yakal. At the start of the second semester, 1978-1979, male residents immediately worked out the reorganization of the Yakal House Council with female residents.

Yakal Residence Hall is a two-storey co-educational dormitory for both freshmen and upperclassmen. A centrally-located lobby connects the main building to its extension. The lobby is furnished with a piano, and several sofa sets. To the east is the recreation room provided with a ping-pong table. Adjacent the recreation room is a fenced, well-lighted basketball court.

The main building, which houses the male students, has two wings with a total accommodation capacity of 196. Four students occupy a room with double-decked beds. Communal facilities include the TV Area located near the lobby. Refrigerators are also provided. The Extension of Yakal, which houses female students, is parallel to the main building. Comprising of two wings with a total accommodation capacity of 182, only two students occupy a room with built-in furnishings. The beds are single level.

After more than four decades of existence, the comfort rooms of Yakal male wing was finally renovated through the initiative of Mr. Rodolfo A. Robidillo, the dormitory manager from 2002-2007 and 2009 to present. He also improved the comfort rooms of the female wing and the receiving area including the counter during his term.

The renovation was funded by the Office of the Chancellor. The Yakal Residence Hall Internet Connection Project was also launched and implemented on June 29, 2004. Yakal Residence Hall is the first dormitory in the campus to have internet access.


Yakal Week
- Amazing Race
- Nosebleed
- PerYakal
- Acoustic Night
- Faces of Yakal
- Take Her Out
- Open House
- Videoke Challenge

Newbies Night Out
Newbies Presentation
Documentary Festival
Linggo ng Wika
Sports Festival
Formal Dinner

Yakal House Council 2013-2014

Chairperson: Rodante O. Manansala Jr.

Vice Chairperson for Internal Affairs: Joel dela Paz

Vice Chairperson for External Affairs: Samuel Arellano

Executive Secretary: Alexander John Cruz

Head, Education & Research Committee: Albert Yumol

Head, Socio-cultural Committee: Marlon Mopon Jr.

Head, Dormitory Welfare & Coordination Committee: Searle Aichelle Duay

Head, Sports Committee: Stephen Yu

Head, Publicity Committee: Allen John Guanzon

Head, Finance Committee: Martin Estrera

Head, Freshmen Committee: Patrick Dominguiano

Yakal House Council 2012-2013

Chairperson: Jose Ruel V. Fabia

Vice Chairperson for Internal Affairs: Searle Aichelle Duay

Vice Chairperson for External Affairs: Kelsey Rhyss Galleon

Executive Secretary: John Francis Mansos

Head, Education & Research Committee: Ronn Patrick L. Guingguing

Head, Socio-cultural Committee: Daren Jay Quinio

Head, Dormitory Welfare & Coordination Committee: Arnold Onrubia

Head, Sports Committee: Gabriel Joshua Dominisac

Head, Publicity Committee: Mark Gil Carilo

Head, Finance Committee: Gene Mark Tobeza

Head, Marketing Committee: Rovir Jefferson Agner

Yakal House Council 2011-2012

Chairperson: John Paul A. Mendoza

Vice Chairperson for Internal Affairs: Ronn Patrick L. Guingguing

Vice Chairperson for External Affairs: Jose Adrian J. Dalangin

Executive Secretary: John Martin Rey C. Estrera

Head, Education & Research Committee: Rodante O. Manansala Jr.

Head, Socio-cultural Committee: Bryan G. Diano

Head, Dormitory Welfare & Coordination Committee: Maxell P. Lumbera

Head, Sports Committee: Stan Kristian G. Ejera

Head, Publicity Committee: John Francis L. Mansos

Head, Finance Committee: Romeo Jay C. Pragacha

Head, Marketing Committee: Mark Gil C. Carilo

Yakal House Council 2009-2010

Chairperson: Joanne Binasoy

Vice Chairperson for Internal Affairs: Ma. Concepcion Cueto

Vice Chairperson for External Affairs: Mon Jeffrey Transfiguracion

Executive Secretary: Ayen Ramos

Head, Education & Research Committee: Little Hermie Monterde

Head, Socio-cultural Committee: Clifford Apilar

Heads, Dormitory Welfare & Coordination Committee: John Paul Mendoza & Angela Belgera

Head, Sports Committee: Felix Urbino

Head, Publicity Committee: Florencio De los Reyes

Head, Finance Committee: Ian Penafiel

Head, Marketing Committee: Alexander Luciano

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