"Elevator Music"

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ELEVATOR MUSIC is an experimental sound-film about a Man who tries to attune himself to the formalities and totalities of a circuitous organization. Like the frequencies of sound that resonate and reverberate from one space to another, the Man begins his journey as the source of his own voice – but quickly becomes entrapped within the vibrations of the WORLD as soon as he realizes the need for necessity precedes his own will.

As biological entities, our physiology reacts to stimuli that in turn provide us with a complete experience that our senses can comprehend. Sight, taste, smell, touch and hearing are all influenced by the very fact that we inhibit an organic space in which our being occupies and is constantly affected by the changes that go on within and around us. However, our experience is limited to what we can perceive and thus we inexplicably entertain what is presented to us as they are; unable to further define the missing ripples that in actuality affect how we perceive the many facets of life.

Through my experimental sound-film, I intend to intimate how sound can be used and manipulated by virtue of human interference, and in essence, attempt to breach the mechanical and physical spaces between the viewer and the film. Inspired by the theoretical approach to 3-Dimensional Sound projection, I intend to project a film that is inspired by sound and to also create a form of designed sound that will not only provide a complete viewing experience, but an accessible one no matter where the film is viewed.

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