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Blogwagon: A Study on the Influence of Fashion and Beauty Blogs in the Brand Attitude, Purchase Intention, and Purchasing Behavior of Filipino Working Women


The rapid development of the internet has revolutionized the way information is exchanged and public opinion is formed. As the role of social media is becoming more prevalent, bloggers are now emerging as key opinion leaders due to their influence in the decision-making process of their audience. In this regard, this study assessed the impact of fashion and beauty blog reading in the brand attitude, purchase intention, and purchasing behavior of Filipino working women, specifically, among Metro Manila residents.

The researcher conducted an online survey among the readers of the top fashion and beauty blogs in the country to find out how influential fashion and beauty blogs have become, from the viewpoint of the readers themselves. The results showed that the respondents generally view fashion and beauty blogs as credible and trustworthy sources of information. Their answers revealed that they have a more positive attitude and a higher likelihood to purchase a brand if it is reviewed positively by bloggers. Moreover, majority of the respondents also agreed that they have purchased fashion and beauty products because of bloggers’ reviews and recommendations.

Arellano, K.G.U. (2012). Blogwagon: A study on the influence of fashion and beauty blogs in the brand attitude, purchase intention, and purchasing behavior of Filipino working women, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Keywords: blogging, brand attitude, purchasing behavior, media influence

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Subject Index: Blogging, Fashion and Beauty Blogs, Media influence