Christian Brotherhood International (UP Diliman Chapter)

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UP Christian Brotherhood or UPCB, is an organization exclusive to Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) members of the University of the Philippines. Tambayan was originally at Lorena Barros Hall, beside Vinzon's Hall but was transferred beside Palma Hall (mid-Palma Hall and Faculty Center).


The CBi in UP Diliman pioneered the organization of students who belong to INC. It was founded on July 27, 1969.

Officially referred to as "Christian Brotherhood" until 2008 when it officially changed its name to "Christian Brotherhood International".


College Entrance Exam Review 2012 New Era University HighSchool Bldg. June 23, 30, July 7, 14 and 28.



POSITION AY 2011-2012 AY 2010-2011 AY 2009-2010 AY 2008-2009 AY 2007-2008
President Karl Victor Dematera Karl Victor Dematera Angelo Manalo Angelo Manalo Preciuos Riola
Vice Presidents Mark Amiel Pascual/ Kenneth Lancelot Go-Aco Mark Amiel Pascual/ Kenneth Lancelot Go-Aco Gene Lopez/ Ray Runas Gene Lopez/ Ray Runas John Quedi
Secretariat & Membership Committee Chairperson Regine Denolo Jam Fallaria Jam Fallaria Aisa Custodio Kristine Sheree Mangunay
Academic Affairs Committee Chairperson Sherryl Lyn Ecobisag Nissan Montefalco Nissan Montefalco Van Shaider Pagaduan
Missionary Committee Chairperson Ray Runas Adlin Alan Bacani Karl Victor Dematera Marcus Patam
Socio-cultural Committee Chairperson Jolo Candare Jourdaine Bernardez Mark Amiel Pascual Vivem Ed Erfel Soriano
Sports Committee Chairperson Jolo Candare Michael Edronel Sandoval Vivem Ed Erfel Soriano Sonny Macaspac
Information & Liaison Committee Chairperson Ariel Andrada Richard Andrew Climacosa Kenneth Lancelot Go-Aco Paul Manalo
Outreach Committee Chairperson Sabrina Recamadas Sabrina Recamadas Sabrina Recamadas Aimlyn Marcos
Faculty Advisers Prof. Malaya Ronas/ Prof. Vic Villan Prof. Malaya Ronas/ Prof. Vic Villan Prof. Malaya Ronas/ Prof. Vic Villan Prof. Malaya Ronas/ Prof. Vic Villan