Control Panel Navigations

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Site Control Panel

Once logged in, you'll see a black administrative menu along the top of your browser window.

This navigation bar and the pages it contains are the Site Control Panel

This serves as quick shortcut menu to change settings, add apps and general site building.

Pages site1.png

1. Content - area where you can organize, edit and categorize any content you've added to your site. Options here are reflected by which apps you've enabled. For instance if you've enabled the "Image Gallery" app, you'll see Image Galleries listed in the content section.

2. Build - to customize site Features, Customizing Your Site Layout, Menus, and Taxonomy. to choose Features to be added or removed from your site. This would include a blog, news, classes, publications, and more. Features often each come a variety of settings and customization tools. Site Building also lets you arrange the layout of your site and menus, as well as set up the taxonomy for categorizing your site's content.

3. Appearance - for selecting a display theme

4. Settings - for configuring privacy and Google Analytics settings

5. People - anyone who has an OpenScholar site can be associated with your site. You can add and then associate users with your site for a number of reasons, including adding a assistant to help manage your site.You may want to allow particular colleagues to comment on your blog posts, or on working papers you post.

6. Support - such as opening and tracking a support ticket

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