Cynthia Alexander

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Cynthia Alexander is a singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist highly regarded in her native Philippines, who currently lives in Seattle, Washington. As an independent artist, she has released four award-winning albums, and is involved in a wide variety of musical projects, ranging from film scores to sound installations. Most recently, she composed the eclectic musical score for the highly acclaimed Ballet Philippines production Pusong Wagas, for which she fused electronic, industrial, indigenous, contemporary and pop elements into a cohesive musical narrative. Cynthia is known for her innovation in pushing the limits of genre and exploring new forms of musical expression. Her songwriting evokes Joni Mitchell and Ani DiFranco; her instrumental repertoire includes guitar, bass guitar, piano, percussion, tabla, sitar, kulintang, bungkaka, tongatong and agung. Her work has been recognized and supported by the Philippines’ National Commission for Culture and Arts, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the Bagong Lumad Foundation, and several music award–giving bodies. She has been featured in numerous publications throughout her decade-long career in the Philippines. Now based in Seattle, she is at work on her fifth album.


SOLO ALBUMS Walk Down the Road (2009) Comet’s Tail (2005) Rippingyarns (2000) Insomnia & Other Lullabyes (1997)


Humanfolk (2011) Palay Bigas Kanin (2010) Pasasalamat (2008) Mga Awit ng Magdaragat (2005) Sita & Rama (2005) Remix (Sound Fusion, 2001)

for more information, visit her myspace account