Delta Lambda Sigma Sorority

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The UP Delta Lambda Sigma Sorority traces its beginnings to the time when the country was coming out of war, through the vision shared by 33 pioneering women scholars of the University of the Philippines, who felt the need to recognize and enhance the vast potentials of the Filipina. Hence, the Sorority was formally founded in April 1946.

From then on, there was no stopping the Deltans. The Sorority maintains an active and highly commendable presence within the campus. A nucleus and pulse of the student body, and yet responsive and sensitive to the pertinent issues and needs of the society. Through its achievements, it has attained a place of a great respect and esteem in the University. In 1982, it was given the Wenceslao Vinzons Award, by the University of the Philippines, a mark of distinction bestowed only to deserving Greek-letter organizations in campus. Until today, The UP Delta Lambda Sigma Sorority has been the only sorority that holds this award, and with a due cause. The Sorority has also been awarded as the Most Outstanding Organization in 1995 and 1996 by the University.


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