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The Department of Linguistics of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy in U.P. Diliman was established in August 28, 1922. Its first name was Department of Philippine Linguistics. It was renamed Department of Oriental Languages in 1924, Department of Oriental Languages and Linguistics in 1963, Department of Linguistics and Asian Languages in 1973, and finally Department of Linguistics in 1983. The primary aim of the department since its founding has been the scientific study, preservation and promotion of the Philippine languages through teaching, field research and publication.

Department Profile


(As of 1st Semester, AY 2013-2014)

Full Professor

Prof. Viveca V. Hernandez, Ph.D.

Japanese & Spanish Languages, Ilokano Morphology and Syntax, Theoretical and Structural Linguistics, Lexicography

Associate Professor

Prof. Ricardo Ma. Nolasco, Ph.D.

Bikol Syntax, Sorsoganon Language, Southern Philippine Languages Morphosyntax, Theoretical and Structural Linguistics, Sociolinguistics

Assistant Professors

Prof. Mary Ann G. Bacolod, Ph.D.

Japanese Language, Japanese Linguistics, Hiligaynon Language, Hiligaynon Morphology and Syntax, Translation, Sociolinguistics

Prof. Jesus Federico C. Hernandez

Bikol Languages, Bikol Dialectology, Historical Linguistics, Austronesian Linguistics, Structural Linguistics

Prof. Aldrin P. Lee, Ph.D. (Chairperson)

Cuyonon Grammar, Chomskyan Theories, Lexicography, Structural Linguistics, Ethnolinguistics, Field Research

Prof. Farah C. Cunanan

Japanese and Chinese Linguistics, Japanese and Chinese Languages, Communication Research, Sociolinguistics, Translation


Mark Rae C. De Chavez

Korean Language, Linguistic Typology, Morphosyntax

Ma. Kristina S. Gallego

Batanic Languages, Sociolinguistics, Typology, Japanese Language and Linguistics

Jay-Ar M. Igno

Korean Language and Linguistics, Translation, Tagalog and Aeta Languages, Ethnolinguistics

Jem R. Javier

Structural Linguistics, Romblomanon Studies, Bahasa Indonesia

Louward Allen M. Zubiri

Structural Linguistics, Historical Linguistics, Linguistic Typology

Professorial Lecturers

Prof. Emilita L. Cruz

Linguistics and Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

Prof. Jonathan C. Malicsi, Ph.D.

Anthropology and Sociology, English Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Structural Linguistics, Translation, Syntax and Semantics

Prof. Irma U. Peneyra, Ph.D.



Roelia V. Alvarez Japanese Language Kyung Min Bae Korean Language Sidney Christopher Bata Chinese Language Athena Cabazor Japanese Language Laarni Cepe Linguistics Cristopher Vincent Dofitas Linguistics and Japanese Language Junilo Espiritu Japanese Language Jonalene L. Victorio Japanese Language Eliseo Merin Chinese Language Florinda Amparo Palma Gil Japanese Language Elsie Marie T. Or Chinese Language Ria P. Rafael Linguistics and Japanese Language Michael Wilson I. Rosero Linguistics Mary Jacqueline Y. Song Chinese Language

Visiting Professors/Lecturers

Mohammad Aniran Persian Language Chang Won Um Korean Language


MANAHAN, Michael S.


VIDAL, Victoria N.

DESPUIG, Reynaldo

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