Emergency Nos.

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UPD S.O.P. during Emergency

For the safety and protection of the constituents of UP Diliman during emergency situations, the following are the people and numbers to call, according to the UPD Office of the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs:

Emergencies includes fraternity rumbles, fires, calamities (typhoon, earthquake), robbery, theft, kidnapping, bomb threats, and medical emergencies. For the standard operating procedures during emergencies in UPD, the community may read Memorandum No. CGCG 09-12: Standard Operating Procedures During Emergency” at www.up.edu.ph
UP Diliman Police (UPDP) 928-36-15
Bureau of Fire Protection 928-83-63 , 924-19-22
Campus Maintenance Office (CMO)c/o Engineer Delfin Del Rosario 0918-544-73-35
MMDA Office of Public Safety 882-08-51 , 882-42-51 to 70 local 374
University Health Service 981-85-00 local 111 or 928-36-08
Philippine National Red Cross 433-65-68 , 433-21-52 and 920-36-72
Special Services Brigade (SSB) personnel
Security Guards
Dormitory Heads