Frequently Asked Questions (UVLe)

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From Teachers and Students

1. Do I need to use my UP Webmail as my default email address on UVLe?

No. You may use an email address other than your UP Webmail account. Your UP Webmail login name and password are used only during login, only for authentication purposes.

From Teachers

1. How can I upload my files?

These steps:

    i. Click on "Files" on the left panel. 
   ii. Click on "Upload a file"
  iii. Click on "Choose File" and "Upload this file"

2. I have uploaded my files in UVLe. Why can't my students see them?

For your students to "see" your files, you need to share them. After logging in at UVLe using your UP Webmail account, go to your course and follow these steps:

    i. Click on "Turn editing on" (upper right)
   ii. Click on "Add a resource" under the section from where you want to link the file or the directory.
  iii. If you want to simply show a file, click on "Link to a file or website". If you want to show an entire directory, click on "Display a directory"

3. I want my students to upload their files (not send to me those files as attachments). How can I let my students do that with UVLe?

After logging in at UVLe using your UP Webmail account, go to your course and follow these steps:

    i. Click on "Turn editing on"
   ii. Click on "Add an activity" under the relevant section
  iii. Under "Assignment", click on "Advanced uploading of files" (if you want your students to upload multiple files) or "Upload a single file"
    * If you do not want any submission beyond a set deadline, enable "Prevent late submissions" option. 
    * If you expect that a single submission involves a large file, adjust the upload size accordingly.

4. Who can create an UVLe course?

If a request is sent to, the DILC will create an UVLe course for any current faculty member of UP Diliman. Deans, department chairmen, College IT officers can also be authorized to create UVLe courses for their teachers.

For more information:

From Students

1. Why is there no reply button under a blog entry?

We are still considering the addition of this feature.

2. Why is my class not on UVLe?

Persuade your teacher to get on UVLe. Help is just an email away:

From Course Creators

Aside from DILC staff, deans, department chairmen, college IT officers can be designated as course creators.

1. Why doesn't a teacher's name show in the list of potential users? I want to assign him as teacher of an UVLe course.

Let him register first at UVLe using his UP Webmail account. Only then will his name show up in the list of potential users.

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