Hardin ng Dona Aurora

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Hardin ng Dona Aurora (DHA) is one of the housing facilities for the UP faculty and staff. It has four buildings: JB1, JB2, JB3, and JB4.

The following provisions are proposals subject to the ratification of the general membership of HDA.

Building Coordinators

  1. A building coordinators is chosen from among residents of each HDA building by the building residents themselves.
  2. Building coordinators shall rotate among themselves the chairmanship of HDA Association every beginning of each quarter of the year.
  3. Every building coordinator is chosen every first week of the year, or after a valid declaration of vacancy of office.
  4. No building coordinator shall be elected for 2 consecutive terms.
  5. The HDA Chair's duties include: (a) presiding the meetings of building coordinators and, if necessary, all residents of HDA; (b) consult building coordinators and other residents on all matters affecting HDA; (c) guide HDA's administrative assistance in the efficient performance of their duties; (d)....

Administrative Assistants

The residents of HDA are being assisted by administrative assistants.

Duties and responsibilities of an administrative assistant

  1. Maintain the cleanliness of HDA grounds.
  2. Help ensure the security and safety of HDA.
  3. Collect from the residents the agreed upon monthly membership dues.
  4. Distribute communications/announcements authorized by the building coordinators.
  5. An administrative assistant is subject to periodic performance evaluation by all residents based on these criteria: (a) ability to maintain the cleanliness of HDA, (b) ability to maintain order, (c)....