How to conduct a live web meeting via UVLe

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This web meeting feature of UVLe is an alpha release. Use it with caution. Your feedback is most welcome.

Steps for the UVLê Teacher

The UVLê teacher may initiate a web meeting with his students. The online meeting involves live video and audio feeds as well as live presentations and whiteboards. Stages include:

1. The teacher logs in, clicks on "Turn editing on", Adds an activity and clicks on "Dimdim Web Meetings"

       - Critical information (like starting time of the meeting) must be saved.
       - The default setting is an Audio only webmeeting. To enable video, select Audio-Video in the Audio Video 
         drop-down list. 
       - Default attendee mikes is set to 0. Select the desired number of attendee mics in the Attendee mikes drop-down

2. The teacher contacts the UVLê Support Team ( to start the web meeting on the set schedule.

       - Future versions no longer require telling the UVLê administration to start a web meeting.
       - Setting the meeting key when creating a Dimdim Web meeting will make the meeting private.

3. UVLê Support Team specifies the room name, host and meeting key to participants of the web meeting.

       The meeting information (room name, host and meeting keys) will be appended in the 
       Dimdim Web meeting activity details for easier visibility and recall.

Steps for the UVLe Student

1. Shortly before the scheduled time of web meeting, the student should log in at UVLe and enter his online class to be able to join the web meeting.

        i. If the meeting has not been started yet, the student should see the notice asking him to wait. Otherwise, he might be in a wrong class (among other reasons).
       ii. If the meeting has already started before a student entered, a different room, meeting name, and host key are given. But the student should overwrite it 
           using the information given by the teacher or the UVLe Support Team.

2. Join the meeting.


The Web Meeting feature of Uvle is made possible by Dimdim. Here are some of its limitations:

  • up to 3 mics at one time but can be rotated by the presenter
  • up to 2 simultaneous cameras can be broadcast (one for the presenter)
  • up to 20 participants (although the drop-down box reached 500.

Please note further that this feature of UVLê is developed purely on an experimental basis. It is a complement to (NOT replacement of) face-to-face meetings.

For detailed information in using the Dimdim Webmeeting, please read the Dimdim Web Meeting User Guide (PDF) and the Dimdim Quick Reference Guide (PDF). A video tutorial is also available in Dimdim's Documentation section.

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