Human Resources Development Office

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Human Resources Development Office

The Human Resources Development Office (HRDO) advises top management on human resources policy and administration including the proper interpretation of Civil Service Law and Rules. It rationalizes the screening, hiring and employee evaluation procedures and processes appointment, salary increase, promotion, transfers, resignation, retirements and all kinds of personnel actions recommended by the different units in the University including requests for staffing, scholarships, trainings and benefits claims.


The HRDO is committed to provide excellent service to faculty, staff and students of the university. It is mandated to perform personnel administration functions that include the following areas of Human Resources Management:staff recruitment, benefits administration, classification, training and staff development, employee relations programs, policy development and administration to top management pertaining to human resources.


The HRDO is envisioned to provide service that is:

H - humane;

R - responsive;

D - digital ; and

O - outstanding

The office is located at the ground floor of Quezon
Hall, left wing.


9818500 ext 2574 - HRPRD
9818500 ext 2570 - Planning and Research Section
9818500 ext 2571 - Monitoring and Evaluation Section
9818500 ext 2578 - Information and Management Section
9818500 ext 2575 - Benefits Section
9818500 ext 2565 - Benefits Section
9818500 ext 2576 - Scholarship Section
9818500 ext 2577 - Training Section
9818500 ext 2568 - Assistant to the Director
9818500 ext 2566 - Appointment/Recruitment Section
9818500 ext 2567 - Appointment/Recruitment Section
9818500 ext 2564 - Admin Section
9818500 ext 2569 - Admin Section

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