Idioms and Dispositions

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Band members

Bijoe Arias- Lead Vocals/Guitar
Miel Arrojado- Bass
Julian "Torc" Torquator- Drums
Pappu de Leon- Guitar


Indie/Pop/ Ambient Rock


The band was initially formed through the University of the Philippines Music Circle with three of the current band members which are namely Marvin “Bijoe” Arias, Pappu de Leon, Samiel Arrojado (alumnus) being residents of the said organization. Marvin “Bijoe” Arias formed the band with fellow orgmates, Pappu de Leon and Samiel Arrojado, eventually recruiting a close High School batchmate and current Ateneo de Manila University student, Julian “Torc” Torcuator.

All members of the band have different interests and approaches with regard to music but all share the same passion and strife to create music that stands out and deviates from what is commonly heard in today’s airwaves and mainstream musical acts. Melodic and “pulsing” are the best words to describe their music which are accompanied by heartfelt lyrics.

Contact Details

Pappu de Leon- 09064774531
Bijoe Arias- 09052124438
Facebook Fanpage