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* Programming Internship/OJT
* Programming Internship/OJT: [http://dilc.info/codersignup dilc.info/codersignup]
* Other types
* Other types
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DILC promotes holistic education that includes immersive training in "real world" problem-solving and educational technologies. Current challenges at DILC include customization of online learning and collaboration platforms; audio, video, multimedia production; document and knowledge management; blended learning approaches, strategies and techniques; mobile computing for education; server management, content management; webcasting and media distribution; client support management.


  • Internship. Internship at DILC admits advanced students who would want to gain supervised practical experience in many aspects of the development, production, deployment of academic technologies.
  • On-the-Job Training (OJT) - operationally the same as Internship.



Sample Internship Projects

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