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* Jat Macalalad (design, CMS)
* Jat Macalalad (design, CMS)
* Raff Alimbuyuguen
* Dawn Benigno (graphics)
* Dawn Benigno (graphics)
* Jules Bañgate (GIS)
* Jules Bañgate (GIS)

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iskpace ("isko/a" + "space") is an interactive map of the University of the Philippines. It is currently on beta release.

Comments and suggestions are most welcome. Send them to dilc@up.edu.ph


  • Jat Macalalad (design, CMS)
  • Raff Alimbuyuguen
  • Dawn Benigno (graphics)
  • Jules Bañgate (GIS)
  • Ric Tariman (server, database)
  • Peter A. Sy (project management)

Development Roadmap


  • iskWiki info overlay
  • geolocation of items on thematic layers
  • user-defined data sets (e.g., reporting of crimes, event venues, multimedia contents)
  • routing interface
  • interactive "space games" (e.g., triangulation, land navigation)

iskpace premium

  • user-specific geolocated data sets
  • user-input using geotagging interface

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