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==Executive Committee A.Y. 2014-2015==
<b>President:</b> Jeric D. Felonia <br/>
Geography Camp [https://www.facebook.com/jpgs.geogcamp/]
<b>Vice President for Internal Affairs and Membership Committee Head:</b> Viblikka Faye T. Alix<br/>
<br>National Geography Challenge
<b>Vice President for External Affairs and Publicity Committee Head: </b>Gerard Fermin Clata <br/>
<b>Secretary General:</b> Vienna Inah De Francia<br/>
<br>Campus Tour
<b>Finance Committee Head: </b>Niel Anne J. Espiritu<br/>
<br>Did Geog Get It?
<b>Academic, Research, and Training Committee Head:</b> Vincent Oville<br/>
<br>Road Trip
<b>Socio-Cultural Committee Head: </b>Ervic Angeles <br />
<br>Critical Geography Series
==Executive Committee A.Y. 2016-2017==
<b>President:</b> Herald Pedregosa <br/>
<b>Vice President for Internal Affairs and Membership:</b> Zean Denice Campo <br/>
<b>Vice President for External Affairs and Publicity: </b> Hannah Marie Perez <br/>
<b>Secretary General:</b>Diana Tanya Saure<br/>
<b>Finance Committee Head: </b>Stephen Samuel Sy<br/>
<b>Academic, Research, and Training Committee Head:</b>John Deladia<br/>
<b>Socio-Cultural Committee Head: </b>Nina Neriza Sinoy <br />
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== Contact us ==
== Contact us ==
'''email account:''' jpgs.upd@gmail.com<br />
'''email us at''' jpgs.upd@gmail.com<br />
'''Website:'''<br />
'''Websites:'''<br />
http://facebook.com/jpgs.upd<br />
[http://facebook.com/jpgs.upd Official Facebook Page]<br />
http://facebook.com/jpgs.geogcamp<br />
[http://facebook.com/jpgs.geogcamp Geography Camp Facebook Page]<br />
http://twitter.com/JPGS_UPDiliman<br />
[http://twitter.com/JPGS_UPDiliman Twitter]<br />
http://jpgs-upd.tumblr.com/<br />
[http://jpgs-upd.tumblr.com/ Tumblr]<br />
http://youtube.com/JPGSpub<br />
[http://youtube.com/JPGSpub YouTube]<br />
http://justporgeogstars.multiply.com<br />
[[Category: Student Organizations]]
[[Category: Student Organizations]]

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About us

The Junior Philippine Geographical Society – UP Diliman (JPGS-UPD) is an organization dedicated to Geography enthusiasts of the University of the Philippines - Diliman. It is united in the desire to promote the distinct discipline of Geography amongst the Filipino youth, to reveal the importance of Geography in the society, to enhance geographical knowledge and to encourage students to specialize in any domain of Geography.

The JPGS-UPD is the youngest yet the most experienced geography organization in the University in upholding geography as a tool for understanding the issues and problems of the Philippine society through projects that inspire social awareness. On its 5th year, the JPGS-UPD has institutionalized programs such as high school visits (career orientation) and academic competitions that further the discipline of geography to the Filipino youth.

Geography Camp [1]
National Geography Challenge [2]
Campus Tour
Did Geog Get It?
Road Trip
Critical Geography Series

Executive Committee A.Y. 2016-2017

President: Herald Pedregosa
Vice President for Internal Affairs and Membership: Zean Denice Campo
Vice President for External Affairs and Publicity: Hannah Marie Perez
Secretary General:Diana Tanya Saure
Finance Committee Head: Stephen Samuel Sy
Academic, Research, and Training Committee Head:John Deladia
Socio-Cultural Committee Head: Nina Neriza Sinoy

Contact us

email us at jpgs.upd@gmail.com

Official Facebook Page
Geography Camp Facebook Page