ABSTRACT Barretto, J.D. (2011). Kuwerdas, Unpublished B.A. Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication

This production thesis explores the story of the reconciliation of a broken relationship between a has-been acoustic singer mother and her college graduating son. The theoretical framework behind this story is based on two theories of communication and interpersonal relationships. First, the Relational Patterns of Interaction of the Palo Alto Group (1954) states that when two people communicate with each other, they define their relationship based on the way they interact. One has to look at the pattern of behavior between partners over time – how they respond to one another. Second, the Relational Schemas in the Family theory of Fitzpatrick and Koerner (2002, 2006) states that there are relational schemas in which families operate on. According to the theory, a schema is an organized set of memories that you make use of whenever you interact with people. Family members have a certain set of memories that they use as basis when interacting with each other.

In this thesis, we see the mother and son as two persons that strive to make a renewed sense of family despite the circumstances they’re faced with. New patterns, new schemes, and new memories have to be formed to hopefully bring back what was lost.

Keywords: Film, Musical, Drama, Production Thesis

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Subject Index : Romance films