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==Courses handled==
==Courses handled==
* '''PA 161''' (Ethics & Accountability in the Public Service)
* PA 161 - Ethics & Accountability in the Public Service
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[[Category:UP People]]  [[Category:UPD Faculty|C]] [[Category:NCPAG Faculty|C]]

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The late Dr. Ledivina Vidallon-Carino is a renowned Filipino sociologist, political scientist, and scholar of public administration. She was a University Professor Emeritus of Public Administration at the University of the Philippines and held the position of University Professor prior to her retirement - the highest academic ranking in the University.

She is the author of "Bureaucracy for Democracy", one of the classic texts in Philippine public administration history.


  • Ph.D. Sociology, Indiana University
  • M.A. Political Science, University of Hawaii
  • B.A. Public Administration (cum laude), University of the Philippines

Administrative positions

  • Former Vice President for Public Affairs, University of the Philippines System
  • Former Dean, UP National College of Public Administration & Governance
  • Former President, Philippine Sociological Society
  • Former Dean, UP College of Public Administration

Courses handled

  • PA 161 - Ethics & Accountability in the Public Service