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==Administrative Positions==
==Administrative Positions==
* Former Director, [[Center for Leadership, Citizenship and Democracy]] (CLCD), UP-NCPAG
* Former Director, [[Center for Leadership, Citizenship and Democracy]], UP-NCPAG
==Courses handled==
==Courses handled==

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Dr. Ma. Oliva Z. Domingo is a full professor of public administration at the University of the Philippines and former director of the Center for Leadership, Citizenship and Democracy (CLCD) of the U.P. National College of Public Administration and Governance (NCPAG).

Professor Domingo obtained her Doctor of Public Administration (DPA), Master of Public Administration (MPA), and B.A. Public Administration (BAPA) degrees from the University of the Philippines.

Administrative Positions

Courses handled

  • PA 121 (Public Personnel Administration)
  • PA 210 (Organizational Studies)
  • PA 221 (Public Personnel Administration)
  • PA 224 (Human Resources Development)


  • Domingo, M.O. (2005) Good governance and civil society : the role of Philippine civil society boards. Quezon City: UP-NCPAG. (Dissertation and Book)

Awards and Recognitions


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