Meet the Deadline

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Band members

Miles Malferrari- Vocals/guitar
Cheska Borja- Rhythm guitar/ back- up vocals
Kryt Erika- Bass/ Back up Vocals
Francis Camomot- Lead guitar/ back- up vocals
Marcz Banaag- Drums


Alternative rock


Members of Meet the Deadline met in Xavier University High School. They initially had different bands but then they became close because of joining the Xavier University Cecilian Instrumental Ensemble. They formed Meet the Deadline on April 2011 and successfully recorded a song to date.

The band gets to record songs/play during gigs when they are all together. Miles and Marco are currently studying in Manila while Francis, Cheska and Kryt are in Cagayan de Oro City.

Contact Details

Francis Camomot - 09228153240 (sun)
Miles Malferrari - 09062574917 (globe)
Facebook Fanpage