NEC Seminars

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The UP National Engineering Center offers training programs designed to train professionals in both technical and managerial aspects of their work. Certificates of completion are awarded to participants who have completed all the requirements of the course. Companies with specific training needs may also request in-house training seminars. For more information about NEC seminars, please call (02)922-4714 or (02)981-8500 ext. 3008 or send an email to

Scheduled Events

March 2009

Covered Dates Fee
Seminar / Training Brief Description
March 3-6 12,000.00 Effective Communication for Engineers While recognizing the technical excellence of our Filipino engineers, we also realize that equipping them with necessary skills in speaking and writing gives them an advantage in their workplace.

It is for this reason that the National Engineering Center and the Learning for Empowerment and Development, Inc. are combining resources in order to provide a communication training program for engineers to provide them with additional professional leverage to deal with today's complex world.

March 5-6 6,500.00 Failure Analysis for Semiconductor Engineers This training is designed to familiarize the participants from the semiconductor industry with the basic tools and procedures of failure analysis which are necessary to arrive effectively at the root cause of the failure. A discussion of the common mechanisms in the failure of microelectronic components will further help the participant correctly interpret the findings of the analysis so as to come up with valid conclusions about the most likely cause of the failure.
March 18-20 9,000.00 Project Management in the Construction Industry A construction project will not be successful without the proper training and exposure of a project manager. Project management involves the crucial ingredients of leadership, motivation,

communication, conflict resolution and time management. This seminar is designed to enhance the managerial skills of middle and upper-level executives in the construction industry.

March 19-20 6,500.00 Focused Improvement and Tools The training is conducted in the environment of Lean Manufacturing and stresses the principles of continuous improvement to achieve competitive advantage. The participant will be immersed in the ways of Kaizen, the Deming tips and 6-SIGMA imperatives. These Focused Improvement disciplines and structure will drive your team/s towards desired levels of excellence. The participant will learn how to use the 7 QC tools and the 7 New Tools, how they are used to communicate, review and monitor, and utilizing inter-creative ways of ideation to shape up an implementation plan.
March 25-27 9,000.00 Maintenance of Rotating Machines Rotating machines are vital to the operation of most industrial plants. Production stoppage could result to heavy financial losses for the company. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that these machines should be given the necessary and required maintenance by highly qualified and knowledgeable maintenance engineers.

April 2009

Covered Dates Fee
Seminar / Training Brief Description
April 15-17 9,000.00 Professional Certificate in Facilities Management
Lecture Series I
The program is designed for practicing facilities managers, property and building administrators, engineers, architects, project managers, project coordinators and project supervisors.
April 21-24 12,000.00 Basic Foundation for Operation Risk Management This four-day course will provide an overview about operational risks from business processes and silo perspectives anchored on safety, health,environments and quality (SHEQ). The focus is on operational risks than financial risks.This course is best for all levels of managers, risk management practitioners and people new to this aspect.
April 27-29 9,000.00 Industrial Maintenance Management System The drive towards a more effective and flexible industrial system places greater demand on the performance of machinery and equipment. Machines and equipment notonly have to perform at high levels of capacity and reliability but also at minimum cost. The training course on "Maintenance Management" is designed to provide the managers of a maintenance system with the concepts, principles and tools necessary in cost-effective management.

May 2009

Covered Dates Fee
Seminar / Training Brief Description
May 13-15 9,000.00 Power Electronics: Switch Mode Power Supply Principles and Applications This seminar is intended for Electronics engineers, Electronic instructors, Vocational instructors, Laboratory technicians, Power Supply Maintenance Personnel who have background knowledge of basic electric circuit analysis, passive devices, and basic electronics. The seminar, which is limited to thirty-two (32) participants, will combine lectures (to deliver the background principles) and hands-on exercises at the Electronics laboratory of EEE.
May 14-15 6,500.00 Poka Yoke The journey towards continuous improvement with the quest for excellence will need a level of discipline from and among its team players. Various problem solving methodologies aim to peg permanent solutions. The seminar on “Poka Yoke” is designed to provide the mindset, concept and principle, with initial skills practice, in deriving a fool-proof or error-proof tool on a chosen solution.
May 20-22 9,000.00 Professional Certificate in Facilities Management
Lecture Series II
See above description.
May 20-22 9,000.00 Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring The training course is designed to answer the needs of maintenance systems. Participants are expected to acquire a comprehensive and integrated methodology in machine troubleshooting .
May 27-29 9,000.00 Project Management The trend towards outsourcing, project-based contracts and leaner organizations has highlighted the growing need for Project Management. It's now used in virtually all industries, such as: telecommunications, banking and finance, government and education. Projects are how organizations streamline processes to improve productivity. As middle management positions are reduced, project managers fill the gap. Expertise in project management is a source of security, prosperity and power to these survivors.

June 2009

Covered Dates Fee
Seminar / Training Brief Description
June 1-5 14,500 Certificate Program on Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management
THW 210: Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management
This training is under the Certificate Program on Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management conducted by the University of the Philippines Diliman(UPD) through the National Engineering Center (NEC). The objective of the program is to build the technical capacity of staff from government and private sectors on the key elements of toxic and hazardous waste management as a requirement for the implementation of RA 6969.

The courses under the program are based on four international training modules offered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and adapted for the Philippine setting. They were initially offered at NEC from September 2003 to March 2004 under the auspices of USEPA, USAEP/USAID and USDOD using lecturers from the US and RP. The second offering was conducted from November 2004 to March 2005.

Upon completion of the four courses, the participants will receive a Certificate of Completion in Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management. Those attending selected courses are granted a Certificate of Attendance for each completed course.

June 3-5 9,000.00 Maintenance of Electric Motors An electric motor is one of the vital components of an industrial plant. Its breakdown, just like most rotating machines, could lead to costly downtime and repairs, production stoppage and revenue losses. However, with sufficient knowledge on the operation and preventive maintenance aspects of this equipment, maintenance engineers could ensure a more reliable and profitable operation.

This seminar aims to enhance the participant's understanding of the principles of operation, control, and maintenance of these machines. It also aims to acquaint them with the selection of bearing type for motors, balancing principles and procedures, testing, troubleshooting and repair of such equipment.

June 17-19 9,000.00 Reliability-Centered Maintenance This is a practical course designed to provide an introduction to the RCM process and introduce the skills necessary to perform RCM analysis. The class is intended for anyone interested in performing RCM analysis or responsible for implementing an RCM program, including equipment maintainers and operators, maintenance planners and managers, and engineers. The course is based on an SAE JA-1011-compliant RCM process and provides practical knowledge and case studies that can be incorporated into any RCM process.
June 23-25 9,000.00 Professional Certificate in Facilities Management
Lecture Series III
June 25-26 6,500.00 Material Science for Semiconductor Engineers

July 2009

Covered Dates Fee
Philippine Peso
Theme Brief Description
July 1-3 9,000.00 Instrumentation and Control for Industrial Applications
July 6-10 14,500.00 Certificate Program on Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management
THW 220: Chemical Emergency Response and Preparedness
July 9-10 6,500.00 Admin Excellence through 5S Gemba
July 13-17 9,000.00 Solid Waste Management and Technology
July 22-24 9,000.00 Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring
July 29-31 9,000.00 Statistical Process Control

August 2009

Maintenance and Operation of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Equipment
August 5-7

Industrial Lubrication and Tribology
August 12-14

Certificate Program on Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management THW 230: Inspection, Compliance and Enforcement
August 10-14

Materials & Process Quality Control in Construction
August 18-20

Analytical Methods and Materials Testing
August 20-21

Structured Cabling System Design
August 27-28

September 2009

Biological Wastewater Treatment
September 7-11

Maintenance of Rotating Machines
September 9-11

Certificate Program on Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management THW 240: Pollution Prevention
September 14-18

Industrial Maintenance Management System
September 23-25

October 2009

Maintenance of Commercial and Industrial Building Facilities and Utilities
October 7-9

Basic Foundation for Operation Risk Management
October 13-16

Failure Analysis for Semiconductor Engineers
October 29-30

November 2009

Project Management in the Construction Industry
November 11-13

Maintenance of Electric Motors
November 18-20

December 2009

Project Management
December 9-11


- JAVA 2 for Mobile Enterprises (J2ME)
- Essentials of Computer Security
- GIS Applications for Disaster Risk Management
- High Resolution Satellite Remote Sensing
- Remote Sensing & GIS for Coastal Zone Management
- Overview of Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering Management
- Transportation Survey
- Traffic Impact Assessment for Developers
- Transportation Modelling & Travel Demant Forecasting
- Transportation System and Demand Management Measures
- Financial Modeling for Engineering Project