NEC Seminars

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The UP National Engineering Center offers training programs designed to train professionals in both technical and managerial aspects of their work. Certificates of completion are awarded to participants who have completed all the requirements of the course. Companies with specific training needs may also request in-house training seminars. For more information about NEC seminars, please call (02)922-4714 or (02)981-8500 ext. 3008 or send an email to

Scheduled Events

June 2009

Covered Dates Fee
Seminar / Training
June 1-5 14,500 Certificate Program on Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management
THW 210: Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management
June 3-5 9,000.00 Maintenance of Electric Motors
June 17-19 9,000.00 Reliability-Centered Maintenance
June 23-25 9,000.00 Professional Certificate in Facilities Management
Lecture Series III
June 25-26 6,500.00 Material Science for Semiconductor Engineers

July 2009

Covered Dates Fee
Philippine Peso
Theme Brief Description
July 1-3 9,000.00 Instrumentation and Control for Industrial Applications
July 6-10 14,500.00 Certificate Program on Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management
THW 220: Chemical Emergency Response and Preparedness
July 9-10 6,500.00 Admin Excellence through 5S Gemba
July 13-17 9,000.00 Solid Waste Management and Technology
July 22-24 9,000.00 Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring
July 29-31 9,000.00 Statistical Process Control

August 2009

Maintenance and Operation of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Equipment
August 5-7

Industrial Lubrication and Tribology
August 12-14

Certificate Program on Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management THW 230: Inspection, Compliance and Enforcement
August 10-14

Materials & Process Quality Control in Construction
August 18-20

Analytical Methods and Materials Testing
August 20-21

Structured Cabling System Design
August 27-28

September 2009

Biological Wastewater Treatment
September 7-11

Maintenance of Rotating Machines
September 9-11

Certificate Program on Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management THW 240: Pollution Prevention
September 14-18

Industrial Maintenance Management System
September 23-25

October 2009

Maintenance of Commercial and Industrial Building Facilities and Utilities
October 7-9

Basic Foundation for Operation Risk Management
October 13-16

Failure Analysis for Semiconductor Engineers
October 29-30

November 2009

Project Management in the Construction Industry
November 11-13

Maintenance of Electric Motors
November 18-20

December 2009

Project Management
December 9-11


- JAVA 2 for Mobile Enterprises (J2ME)
- Essentials of Computer Security
- GIS Applications for Disaster Risk Management
- High Resolution Satellite Remote Sensing
- Remote Sensing & GIS for Coastal Zone Management
- Overview of Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering Management
- Transportation Survey
- Traffic Impact Assessment for Developers
- Transportation Modelling & Travel Demant Forecasting
- Transportation System and Demand Management Measures
- Financial Modeling for Engineering Project