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Obletorr ("Oble" - oblation + "torrent") is DILC's Bittorrent tracking service that facilitates the efficient, highly resilient peer-to-peer distribution of files. Encouraging the sharing of limited bandwidth, it complements UVLe's file upload feature (now limited to 50Mb per file). Obletorr has no file size limit.

Inside UP Dilnet is Obletorr-Ikot. It has no public Internet access, hence the sharing of large files is limited to users within the UP Dilnet only.

Possible Uses of the Tracker

The tracker may be used to

  • facilitate the sharing of class projects (like videos, photos, data sets, databases) that involve files larger than 50Mb (the current limit of UVLe upload per file)
  • provide alternative means of distributing DILC contents
  • help distribute official UP media files
  • help transmit coverage of public events at the University
  • help distribute efficiently open source applications within the University (as opposed to downloading the apps from sites outside UP, which takes up substantial bandwidth that may slow down overall network traffic going in and out of UP)
  • help (re)distribute relevant materials under Creative Commons and other licenses that allow free redistribution
  • help distribute demo audio/video from UP artists and scientists


  • No one shall upload, post, transmit any content that infringes any patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, privacy rights of any person or entity.
  • The tracker shall not be used to violate UP's Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Register (for free) using your UP Webmail account; only submissions from registered users are accepted.
  • The DILC reserves the right to refuse certain submissions, for reasons including (but not limited to) possible violation of copyright, trademark, privacy and the like.
  • Please also include in your submission the description of the files and the primary academic field where the files are being used.
  • The submitter of the torrent file should be seeding it as long as possible. Other "recipients" of the file should seed it to a ratio of at least 1.


Once registered using your UP Dilnet account, upload your torrent file at obletorr.upd.edu.ph. To create a torrent file for upload, follow these intructions.

First time users need to use UP Webmail accounts to access the registration page and create separate Obletorr registration.

Takedown Requests

  • Request to take down a torrent may be sent to dilc@upd.edu.ph stating the grounds for such a request. Immediate response is due to claims of copyright and trademark violations and privacy infringements.

Development Roadmap

Alpha Release

  • torrent tracker up (BtiTracker, Diferior)
  • admin interface
  • torrent-available DILC materials
  • infrastructure testing: Dilnet leechers pull data from Dilnet seeders and not via Internet cloud

Beta Release

  • user interface
  • ldap login (UP Webmail account)
  • initial torrent seeding program within Dilnet and possibly beyond

Full Release

  • seeding program
  • torrent-powered live stream?



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