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This is an experimental implementation of Obletorr-Ikot on PREGINET. Visit this page for further details.

Obletorr-PREGINET only accepts connections from computers within PREGINET.

Anonymous Internal Open Trackers on PREGINET

Obletorr-Ikot uses these anonymous internal open tracker:


Check these addresses once in a while. We may change them, as utilization of Obletorr-PREGINET increases.


How to distribute large files via Obletorr-PREGINET

  • Step 1: Using your favorite bittorrent client, create a .torrent file by
    • selecting a file that you want to share and
    • adding the ff torrent trackers:Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag open the .torrent file you must have received from a file distributor or a fellow downloader.

Keep seeding, once done or whenever you have the opportunity to go online via Dilnet.


  • If your machine is unable to seed files on a long-term basis, you may request UP DILC to seed these files for you, especially if these files are used in your courses.
  • For better sharing experience, encourage the people you share your files with to maintain a ratio of at least 1 for each file they got via Obletorr-Ikot.
  • To share several files and directories all at once, compress or zip the files and directories into one file or put them in one directory and make a .torrent out of it.
  • Make sure that Obletorr-Ikot trackers are exceptions in your proxy settings.


Speed of upload or download will depend on the network equipment available in the area where the activity is being done. If you're downloading or uploading wirelessly, you could be affected by signal interferences. Please report good or bad upload/download numbers (Kbps/sec in which particular area) via the Discussion tab of this page.

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