Office of the University Registrar

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Admission & Registration Section

Ms. Amy S. Jorda Section Chief

Secretaries: Cyn Madrigalejo Debbie Sayaman

Admissions: Jenn Mallare Nancy Gayagoy Didith Dela Cruz Maribel Sapatua

Assessment & Billing: Mayla Panti Ruth Deloria Frances Cruz


University Registrar: Evangeline Amor

Assistant University Registrar: Prof. Rosella Torrecampo



Admission & Registration Section
Transcript Section
Records Section

Central Administrative Section

Officer-in-charge: Ms. Evelyn B. Cruz

  • Attends to general inquiries, referrals and communication from other offices
  • Processes papers for admin personnel
  • Prepares vouchers and monitors expenses
  • Takes charge of requisition and inventory of supplies and equipment
  • Takes care of messengerial, reproduction of materials, and transport services
  • Maintains 201 files of personnel

Admission and Registration Section


Chief : Ms. Amelita "Amy" S. Jorda

FUNCTIONS Admission Appraisal - Disseminates information re: admission - Evaluates academic credentials for admission - Processes application for admission - Issues admission slips and certifications of eligibility for admission - Attends to correspondence and inquiries pertinent to foregoing functions Registration and Billing - Coordinates with the CRS regarding enrollment procedures - Coordinates activities, trainings and supervision of personnel in the assessment and payment areas - Processes photo ID cards for students, faculty and employees - Reviews college assessment of fees - Prepares bills of collection for sponsoring agencies of scholars / grantees - Processes claims for refunds and matriculation fees - Processes changes of matriculation, dropping slips, removal permits, leave of absence (LOA), etc.

Transcript of Records Section


Chief : Ms. Florencia "Flor" T. Kho

FUNCTIONS - Processes and prepares transcript of records and certificates of graduation - Maintains file of Official Transcript of Records (OTR) - Attends to correspondence and inquiries pertinent to the foregoing functions

Records Management and Appraisal Section

Chief : Ms. Lucilyn "Dylene" E. Gardaya

FUNCTIONS - Evaluates records of candidates for graduation - Prepares diplomas - Computes general weighted average (GWA) of scholars, honor students and graduates with prescribed average requirements - Classifies, consolidates and files student records and faculty report of grades - Records pertinent data, removal and completion grades and other grades not included in the computer output - Prepares certificates of enrollment, completion of requirements, graduation, units earned, etc. - Attends to correspondence and inquiries pertinent to the foregoing functions

Computerized Registration and Student Records System

Officer in Charge : Mr. Jacob S. Obinguar

FUNCTIONS - Maintains computer-based Student Records System (SRS) - Prepares all statistical data as requested by colleges or government units (i.e. CHED) with the consent of the University Registrar - Attends to data control and data preparation activities including creation, editing and updatin - Takes charge of the distribution of classlists and Form 5A's (online registration result) - Prepares parent's copy of student grades - Takes charge of Online Encoding for Form 5 - Prepares enrollment reports - Takes charge of encoding data on Change of Matriculation - Takes charge of encoding data on Students who dropped and filed for leave of absence (LOA) - Takes charge of encoding and updating of grades (Completion, Removal and Change of Grades)


Workshop Planning

Date: March 2012 Venue: Montalban, Rizal Time: 6:00 am

Iskwiki Seminar

Date: January 18, 2012 Venue: UP Diliman Interactive Learning Center Time: 1pm-5pm


The OUR Building T.M. Kalaw St. University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City

Registrar : 927 60 84/ 9818500 local 4551
Secretary: 927-608-4/ 9818500 local 4551
Administrative Office: 9818500 local 4552/ 4553/
Admission & Registration Section: 981-8500 local 4556/ 4555 CRSRS Section: local 4560 Publication : 4554 / 4556
Records Management & Appraisal Section: 4559 & 4563 Transcript: 927 3422/ 9818500 local 4561/ 4563


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