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Aquino, L.B. (2015). Portrayals of Teachers in Selected Filipino Films, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Abstract This undergraduate thesis used stereotype theories as main framework to study teacher representations in six local films released from 2000-2015. The traits, motivations and views of lead teacher characters were examined through character analysis. In addition to studying the characters, through textual analysis, it considered other elements of the films, genre and audience included. The research also accounted the films’ historical, cultural, social and political environment and significance. While local studies about agency representations in films exist, nothing focused on teachers have been found. The study revealed that teacher portrayals in movies are indeed lacking both in quantity and quality. They are heavily stereotyped, possibly influenced by history, current events and film production decisions. Surprisingly, even their positive traits are damaging to the image of real teachers. The researcher recommends further studies about teacher images in film, and media in general, primarily to find out if there is really a connection between these portrayals and the public’s perception of teachers, and consequently to make way for more realistic and creative teacher portrayals in movies. Key Words Stereotypes, Teachers, Portrayals

[View Thesis] http://iskwiki.upd.edu.ph/flipbook/viewer/?fb=1996-29353-Aquino,-#page-1