Peace tayo?: The discourse of peace in Salam

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Correa, M.D.T.O. (2013). Peace tayo?: The discourse of peace in Salam, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines, College of Mass Communication.

This study examines the discourse of peace in the educational television program, Salam. Salam is a peace-oriented social studies and values education program for elementary school students. It was first aired on the Knowledge Channel on December 2006. It continues to air on the Knowledge channel as of this writing. This study provides a background on peace studies and peace education, the history of peace negotiations in Mindanao, the representation of peace in different media, and peace education on Philippine television. The grounded theory approach is used in this study in order to come up with the framework of peace in Salam. This study discusses the different notions of peace that are tackled in each episode, as well as the relationship of these notions in the series as a whole.

Key words: Salam, Mindanao, peace studies, peace education, children’s television

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