Pikit ng Alaala

Pikit ng Alaala

This film is about the generation and degeneration of a person’s memories. Memories can be reincarnated again in various ways. In this film, memories are given a second life in the form of still pictures. The story takes place mainly in the mind of a woman, who gathers so much experiences throughout her life. In the end, she will get old and become forgetful, but will be able to preserve her memories by the pictures she has taken. Her time may pass and her human mind may weaken; but thanks to her photographs, her memories will stay.

It is stated in Baudrillard’s Theory of Hyperreality, “the moment modernity exploded upon us is the moment of liberation in every sphere; and the only thing we can do after liberation has been achieved is to simulate that liberation.” In this film, the almost endless production of memories has brought liberation to the person who owns these memories. It becomes a repetitive cycle, and somewhat senseless. As the person who owns the memories get old and eventually die, the endless cycle of repetition is put to an end. As a redeeming factor, it is not all put to an end. The real meaning of those memories still survives, as photographs; it’s essence simulated by those who see it.

Pikit ng Alaala Jen Rapanut Hyperreality Memories

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Subject Index: Memory, Pictures