SOI Operation

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Equipment: Lenovo SL400 and the Dokodemo CD

Preparing the laptop 1. Connect the UTP cable to the laptop 2. Connect the projector, microphone and the speaker connectors 3. Make sure Dokodemo CD is inside the laptop 4. Switch on the laptop 5. Allow the SOI Asia Dokodemo CD to load

Preparing the network connection 1. System > Administration > Network 2. Click on New > Forward > Forward > Statically set IP addresses:

Subnet mask:
Default gateway address:

3. Click on Forward > Apply 4. Click on the [x] to close the window and click on Yes to save your changes , then click on ok

Setting up the DNS 1. System > Administration > Network 2. Click on the DNS tab

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS: 20292.128.249

3. Click on the [x] to close the window and click on Yes to save your changes, then click on ok

Testing the connection 1. Applications > System Tools > Terminal 2. type - ping 3. If you see the following message, the connection is good. If not - please contact DILNET and ask for help.

64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=243 time=65.1ms

4. Press CTRL-C 5. Click on the [x] to close the window

Connecting to Japan 1. Right click on the red VPN square located at the top of the desktop. 2. Click on Connect soiasia 3. Type the following information in the window: Username: satellite Passphrase: JCSAT 4. The red button should now be a green VPN square

Preparing the Audio 1. Click on

Preparing the Video 1. Click on the "VIC SOI Asia" icon on the desktop 2. Type the following information:

  • rtpName: University of the Philippines

3. Click on Accept 4. You should now see the videos of the different sites connected to SOI 5. Click on Menu 6. Click on Device > V4L-PointNix Intra-Oral Camera /dev/video1 (this is the third option) 7. Under the Encoder section, click on h261as 8. Click on Transmit. 9. You should be able to see the video feed from UP in the first window together with the other sites.

Preparing the chat for technical support 1. Click on 2.