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<strong>Reece Kong</strong><br><i>Public Relations member</i><br><br>
<strong>Reece Kong</strong><br><i>Public Relations member</i><br><br>
<strong>Mari Magpoc</strong><br><i>Records committee member</i>
<strong>Mari Magpoc</strong><br><i>Records committee member</i>
|February 12, 2020
|[https://iskomunidad.upd.edu.ph/images/8/80/SBB_FEBRUARY_12_2020.mp3 UP Voice and Music Theatre Guild and UP Association of Visual Communicators]
|<strong>Michelle Mariposa</strong><br><i>Artistic Program Head</i><br><br>
<strong>Kat Roldan</strong><br><i>Chairperson</i><br><br>
<strong>Tammy Dela Fuente</strong><br><i>Vice Chairperson</i>

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Samahang Bidang-Bida 2020 Episodes

Date Episode Topic Guest/s
January 8, 2019 Kinship: Family Life and Child Development Circle Regina Bumatay
President, UP FLCD Circle

Samantha Liao
Vice President for Externals, UP FLCD Circle
January 15, 2020 SBB Kinship: UP Educators' Circle Kris Miranda
Executive Vice President, UP Educators' Circle
January 22, 2020 Kinship: UP SIKAT at UP Batangan Justine Tabile
President, UP SIKAT

CE Pablo
Vice Presidenbt for Finance, UP SIKAT

Julia Pineda
Chairperson, UP Batangan

Albert Josef Lirio
Member, UP Batangan
January 29, 2020 Kinship: UP Aguman Jeanne Magpantay
President, UP Aguman
February 5, 2020 Association for Computing Machinery - UP Diliman Student Chapter Inc. Joshua Dela Sierra
Marketing Head and Project Head

Reece Kong
Public Relations member

Mari Magpoc
Records committee member

February 12, 2020 UP Voice and Music Theatre Guild and UP Association of Visual Communicators Michelle Mariposa
Artistic Program Head

Kat Roldan

Tammy Dela Fuente
Vice Chairperson