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  • multiple=
    • needed if more then one ticker on page
    • if not specified defaults to single
    • single means one ticker
    • first is for first if more then one ticker
    • other is for others not called first
  • engine=
    • engine type
    • fade (slightly buggy on some browsers)
    • std (default)
    • none
  • cat1= (or first unamed parameter)
    • category name to make ticker more specific (for example Africa)
  • speed=
    • as decimal (0.1 = 1/10th, 2 = 2x, etc)
  • customSrc=
    • list of ticker items
  • options=
    • extra ticker options or class. see [[mediawiki:ticker2.js
  • left_text=, right_text=, link_text=, link=
    • change the intro string. left is normal text to left, right is to the right, link_text in middle
    • text is urlencoded so no need to escape anything (use options= if you need to encode a plus sign)
    • link is local page name (ex Main_Page). replace spaces with underscore (_)