UPD Accounting

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- a unit under the Office of Vice chancellor for Administration which controls budget allotment of all units/ officer in UP Diliman.

Its office is located at the 2/F of PNB Bldg, Apacible St, UP Diliman, QC but temporarily housed at ISSI.

Accounting responsibility , by virtue of the provisions of the Constitution of the Philippine Law, Presidential Decrees and other issuances, is shared primarily by the Commission on Audit (COA), Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and Department of Finance (DOF) and other government agencies directly involve in carrying out the functions of the government to enable it to attain its committments to the people.

Tax Matters

Pre-Audit Requirements
Payroll Requirements
Trust Accounts


Acting Director: Cecilia J. Morales - 2751

2759 - Tax - Receiving (Elena)
2752 - 2757 - Payroll- Receiving (Dante)
2758 - Payroll- Processing (Jing / Cecille/ Mely)
2765 - Jan
2756 - Arlene V/Roger De Castro
2755 - Voucher Receiving/ Releasing - Al
2764 - Trust Account matter (Hercy))
2754 - cash advance matter (Wilmie)
2753- Ethel (Trust Account)