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UPDox (updox.upd.edu.ph:8080/share / shortcut: dilc.info/updoxnow) is a document management system for the UP faculty and some UP offices. Run by DILC, UPDox uses Alfresco and other systems for document collaboration, version control, and file sharing. Priority to have UPDox accounts is given to official, University-related use.

UPDox Login

To request access accounts, email dilc@dilc.upd.edu.ph or request via DILC Helpdesk

UPDox Mobile

  • UPDox Mobile v1.1 (Android) - This enables you to access your files on UPDox via your Android mobile device. (iOS version will be developed if there's a clamor for such service.)


  • GoogleDocs and SharePoint Integration
  • Workflow engine for routing documents through your set office processes
  • extensible metadata model
  • UPDox-UVLe integration: UPDox file repository can be pulled directly from UVLe


  • Within Dilnet: you may have to set proxy exception for the UPDox address.
  • Make sure port 8080 is usable.


There are 3 complementary UPDox repositories directly accessible from the user's desktop:

  • UPDox WebDAV Reposity is a directory or folder that can be mounted or accessed directly from the user's desktop or mobile application. Here's how. WebDAV stands for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning system accessed via the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).
  • UPDox GIt Repository is for collaboration via DILC Git repositories. Codes, non-large documents (preferably <10MB a file) may be consolidated directly from users' desktops, access devices, integrated development environments (IDE). This is not recommended for large individual files.
  • UPDox Torrent Sync is for direct peer-to-peer sharing of large files via private torrent. Recommended for large files.

By far, only UPDox WebDav Repository can be directly seen and manipulated from the browser-accessible UPDox Dashboard. Development is going on to fully integrate all 3 repositories automatically. In the meantime, integration of the 3 repository systems is manual.


  • UPDox supports a wide range of document types.
  • Recommendation: Ultra-sensitive documents passed through the Repositories should be encrypted by tools like TrueCrypt. (It's only the "ultra" ones that should be doubly secured, since UPDox already has its own security measures.)



  • For those using its Repositories, UPDox is already a form of a backup.
  • Yet, UPDox is still backed up in an off-site facility, making the system more disaster-resistant. "Cold" backup is done every 1am. The system becomes inaccessible by then for about 5-10 minutes to get a clean backup that in turn will be archived in secured remote locations on campus.

Development Team

  • Ma. Cristina Dalupan
  • Dawn Benigno
  • Jastinne Cesar Macalalad

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