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The University of the Philippines Board of Regents (or Lupon ng mga Rehente ng Unibersidad ng Pilipinas in Filipino and commonly abbreviated as B.O.R.) is the highest decision-making body of the University of the Philippines. Constituted by the University Charter, the board is composed of 12 members and is vested with general powers of administration and the exercise of tile powers of the corporation.


The Chairperson of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) serves as the Board's acting Chairperson while the President of the University of the Philippines is the Vice Chairperson. The Chairpersons of the Committees of Higher Education of the Senate of the Philippines and the House of Representatives are members of the Board of Regents which are concurrent with their functions as committee chairpersons.

Students from the University of the Philippines, represented by the General Assembly of Student Councils, nominate a Student Regent. While the Faculty Regent is likewise nominated by the faculty members of the whole University. Alumni are represented by the President of the U.P. Alumni Association and by a Faculty Regent. The remaining members of the Board of Regents are nominated into the position by the President of the Philippines.

On January 12, 2008, the University of the Philippines College of Law celebrated its 98th Anniversary under Dean Salvador T. Carlota. It was established by the UP Board of Regents on January 12, 1910. Its alumni became presidents of the Philippines, chief justices of the Supreme Court, members of the judiciary and Congress, presidents of universities and corporations, leaders of prestigious international organizations, and top legal practitioners.

Present Board of Regents

UP Board of Regents
Chairman Hon. Emmanuel Y. Angeles
Chairman, Commission on Higher Education
Co-Chairman Hon. Emerlinda R. Roman
President, University of the Philippines
Members Hon. Manuel A. Roxas II
Chairman, Senate Committee on Education, Arts, and Culture
Hon. Cynthia A. Villar
Chairman, House Committee on Higher Education
Hon. Ponciano E. Rivera, Jr.
Acting President, UP Alumni Association
Hon. Judy M. Taguiwalo
Faculty Regent
Hon. Shahana E. Abdulwahid
Student Regent
Hon. Gari M. Tiongco
Hon. Romulo G. Davide
Hon. Abraham F. Sarmiento
Hon. Francis C. Chua
Hon. Nelia T. Gonzalez

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