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The UP Centennial Logo

Since its establishment on June 18, 1908, the University of the Philippines has maintained its place as the country’s national and premier institution of higher learning. It has produced leaders in both government and industry, trailblazers in the arts and humanities, and innovators in science and engineering.

As the University’s first 100 years comes to a close and its next century begins, join the UP community, along with its alumni both here and abroad, to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

The celebration of the UP Centennial has officially begun on July 18, 2007 and will last through the December 31, 2008, with the whole of 2008 having been declared the UP Centennial Year by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo through Proclamation No. 913.[1]

UP Centennial Theme

The UP Centennial theme, UP: Excellence, Service, and Leadership in the Next 100 Years, was decided upon during the 7th Centennial Commission Meeting on April 25, 2007.

The University of the Philippines is moving into the future with goals that are ever more expansive. Excellence takes the form of not only developing but also discovering new areas of knowledge. Service goes beyond conducting research to include designing workable and effective action plans. And leadership demands transforming the nation through pioneering endeavors that serve as blueprints for national development.

Concretely, this kinetic dash into the next century involves rationalizing UP’s program offerings, strengthening its position as the leading research university, firming up its science and technology programs, and developing a community of scholars with academic credentials comparable to their counterparts in the best universities in the world. For UP, the next century has just begun.

The Oblation is a symbolic icon representing the University of the Philippines. It captures the UP spirit, which has endured for a century: the country’s youth sacrificing itself in the service of the country. This figure is in the foreground of the UP Centennial logo.

Behind it is the Sablay, the sash worn by UP students upon their graduation. It is distinctive, in that across it is inscribed the word “UP” in Alibata letters. This is symbolic of the University’s commitment to remaining the country’s premier institution of higher learning.

Behind the figure of the Oblation is a globe, with the map of the Philippines highlighted. This represents the University’s taking its rightful place in the world as the National University of the Philippines.

UP Ang Galing Mo

UP’s Centennial Song entitled UP, Ang Galing Mo! was created by jingle composer Herbert Rosales and sang by the UP Centennial Band.

Narito kami nagpupugay
Sa unibersidad ng aming buhay
Ikaw pa rin ang binabalikan
Di pa rin malilimutan
Ikaw ang UP naming mahal.
Salamat sa iyong mga guro
Salamat sa iyong pagtuturo
Taglay niyo ang kahusayan
Taglay niyo ang karunungan
Hinubog niyo kami sa kabutihan.
Sandaang taon na tayo
Lagi ka pa rin sa aming puso
Kaya kami sumasaludo
UP ang galing mo
UP ang galing mo.
Wala nang iba pang maihahambing
Sa talino mo't angking galing
Daanin man sa siyensiya
High-tech man o kahit ano pa
Ikaw UP ang nangunguna.
Sa iyong mga dugo ang kasaysayan
Dumaloy sa pag-unlad ng ating bayan
Sagisag ka ng kagitingan
Bandila ka ng kalayaan
Pag-asa ka ng mamamayan.
Sandaang taon na tayo
Lagi ka pa rin sa aming puso
Sandaang taon na tayo
UP ang galing mo
UP ang galing mo.
Sandaang taon na tayo
Lagi ka pa rin sa aming puso
Sentro ka ng pagbabago
UP ang galing mo
UP ang galing mo
Sandaang taon na tayo
UP ang galing mo
UP ang galing mo.

Listen to UP Ang Galing Mo.

UP Centennial Commission Members

On June 7, 2005 President Emerlinda R. Roman presented “UP Plan 2005-2011” before President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and the Cabinet and requested that Year 2008 be declared the UP Centennial Year. On September 6, 2005, the request was granted with the issuance of Proclamation No. 913.

The proclamation also provided for the creation of a Centennial Commission (UPCC) to oversee preparations for the celebration and steer the UP System through the centennial year itself. On July 4, 2006, President Macapagal-Arroyo issued Executive Order No. 537, allowing the UP President to formulate and implement a plan of activities, including the creation of the Centennial Commission. The Commission had its first meeting on October 17, 2006.

  • Chairman: Senator Edgardo Angara
  • Vice Chairman: Dr. Magdaleno B. Albarracin
  • Executive Director: Prof. Benjamin C. Sandoval
  • Internal Spokesperson: Prof. Elena C. Pernia
  • From the Board of Regents
President Emerlinda R. Roman
Regent Nelia Gonzales
Regent Abraham Sarmiento
Regent Gari Tiongco
Regent Edmundo Varona
  • From Government
NEDA Secretary Romulo Neri
Nestor Espenilla, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Deputy Governor
  • From the Private Sector
Dr. Gregorio Alvior
Ms. Robina Gokongwei-Pe
Atty. Gizela Gonzalez
Atty. Eduardo Hernandez
Mr. Menardo Jimenez
Mr. Jose “Pitoy” Moreno
Dr. Angelita T. Reyes
  • From Abroad
Mr. Theodore B.M. Aquino – California
Dr. Diosdado Banatao – California
Dr. Carmencita C. Quesada-Fulgado – New York
Dr. Bienvenido Jongco – New Jersey
Dr. Roberto Mariano – Singapore

Centennial Celebrations

Declaration of UP Decade, 1998-2008

Alumni Associations

Centennial Celebration Preparations

Centennial Kick-Out

June 18, 2008 Celebration and Centennial Oblation Run

Centennial Lecture Series

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