UP Green League

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UP Green League

The UP Green League (UPGL) is a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-partisan organization composed of concerned young individuals who advocate environmentalism as a way of life. UPGL aims to protect, restore, and conserve the natural environment through information dissemination campaigns and by promoting a PRO-ACTIVE consciousness regarding the present state of both local and global environment.


August 1992 Founding members, mostly from Narra Residence Hall, drafted and ratifies the UPGL Constitution. Tambayan was located at the Main Library steps.
March 1993 First batch of applicants (92-B) were inducted. Tambayan transferred to Lorena Barros Hall.
1995-1996 UPGL was awarded by the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs as one of the six Most Outstanding Organizations in UP Diliman.
1997 First Place, “Tipid Tubig Contest”
February 2, 1998 UPGL became registered non-government organization (NGO) of Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). UP Green League changes its name to UP Green League Inc.
1998 UPGL was awarded by the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs as one of the Most Outstanding Organizations in UP Diliman.
2000 First Place, Presidential Youth Achievers Awards for Most Outstanding Environmental NGO.
2001 UPGL bagged two awards –the Best Student Organization at the UP Gawad Chancellor, and again, as a First Placer in the Presidential Youth Achievers Awards.
December 2002 The UPGL website became a finalist in the Philippine Webby Awards.
October 2003 UPGL won in the 2nd Vice-Mayor Awards as the Best Student Organization in Quezon City.
April 2004 UPGL became one of the finalists in the Ten Achieving Young Organizations (TAYO) Awards.
2007 UPGL, one of the founding members of League of the Youth for the Environment (LYFE).


President - vacant

Executive Vice President - Klarissa Bejasa

Vice President for Educational Affairs - Darwin Eugenio

Vice President for External Affairs - Carla Jane Lim

Vice President for Finance - Abigail Quinones

Vice President for Internal Affairs and Membership - Wabi Kapunan

Vice President for Media and Publicity - Lisse De Vera


Aral Kalikasan (AK) UPGL’s primary environmental consciousness and information dissemination tool, Aral Kalikasan is an activity conducted every year at different schools and communities where the members of the organization introduce various environmental issues and concerns to students and community members in fun and interactive ways.

Educational Discussion/Debate (ED) Open to all members of the community, Environmental Discussions or Debates are meant to make the attendees aware of current environmental problems and to initiate healthy conversations about these issues.

Kalikasan Bits (KaBits) Kalikasan Bits is part of UPGL’s online environmental awareness campaign wherein every week, or as agreed by the organizing committee, bits of information about the environment are posted on the organization’s official Facebook page.

Saya sa Kalikasan (SaKay) As a sem ender, the members of the organization like to immerse themselves in nature and its beauty by going on trips to various mountains, beaches, etc. This event also serves to promote camaraderie among the organization’s members.

Coastal Clean-ups and Tree-Growing Activities UPGL is an active participant of the coastal clean-ups and tree-growing activities organized by different government and non-government organizations, such as the DENR and the Save Freedom Island Movement. The organization also occasionally organizes its own clean-ups and planting/growing activities.


For org partnership proposals and other inquiries, please email us at greenleagueinc@gmail.com or contact our External Affairs Committee Head, Carla Jane Lim.

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