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The University of the Philippines Varsity Pep Squad, more popularly known as the UP Pep Squad or simply UP Pep, was formed in 1998 and is the official cheerleading and cheerdance team of the University of the Philippines. The squad cheers and performs at the halftime of the basketball games of the UP Fighting Maroons, as well as cheers and make appearances for all the varsity teams in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines and represents the University in the UAAP Cheerdance Competition, where it is the current defending champions.

The group holds Elevate: Lift One Another Up, an annual dance concert and cheerdance competition in the University. The squad also performs at different university events and functions.

Several members of the squad have represented the country in the 2002 Asian Games in Busan, South Korea and 2008 Asian Cheerleading Championships in Tokyo, Japan. They have also been featured in ABS-CBN's 2008 summer station ID.

Current Squad

  • Coach - Lalaine Pereña
  • Assistant Coach - Niño Jose Antonio
  • Team Captain - Maria Angelica Sison
  • Co-Captain - Reynald Dionillo
  • Head Drummer - Jahan Elgar Castro

Previous Officers


  • Team Captain - Andrea Kristela Gonzales
  • Co-Captain - Pio Niño Opinaldo
  • Head Drummer - Carlo Benjamin Tañada


  • Team Captain - Clarissa Clarete
  • Head Drummer - Gerson Marvin Abesamis


  • Team Captain - Suyin Chua
  • Co-Captain - Brent Viray
  • Head Drummer - Paolo Raphael Arguillo


  • Team Captain - Suyin Chua
  • Head Drummer - Alric Mondragon


  • Team Captain - Melissa Garcia
  • Co-Captain - Niño Jose Antonio
  • Head Drummer - Laurice dela Cruz


  • Team Captain - Paula dela Llana
  • Head Drummer - Laurice dela Cruz
  • Co-Head Drummer - Ida Marie Bunuan


  • Team Captain - Amity Casurao
  • Head Drummer - Voltaire Henry Vitug


  • Team Captain - Rosie Pajela
  • Head Drummer - Niño Jose Antonio


  • Team Captain - Rosie Pajela
  • Head Drummer - Niño Jose Antonio


Award Year Event Third Place 1998 UAAP Cheerdance Competition Champions 1999 UAAP Cheerdance Competition Champions 2000 UAAP Cheerdance Competition Champions 2001 UAAP Cheerdance Competition Champions 2002 Puspusan sa Busan Cheerleading Competition Third Place 2002 UAAP Cheerdance Competition Second Place 2003 UAAP Cheerdance Competition Second Place 2004 UAAP Cheerdance Competition Second Place 2005 UAAP Cheerdance Competition Champions 2006 National Cheerleading Championships Third Place 2006 UAAP Cheerdance Competition Second Place 2007 National Cheerleading Championships Champions 2007 UAAP Cheerdance Competition Champions 2008 UAAP Cheerdance Competition

Trademark Cheers

The UP Pep Squad has been known for introducing Filipino cheers in the UAAP.

  • Unibersidad (ng Pilipinas)
  • Pagbaybay
  • UP Fight
  • Let's Go UP
  • Maroons
  • Hey
  • Hey Hey
  • Hey Ho
  • Shout and Cheer
  • Stand Up
  • We Are UP
  • Heto Na
  • Sugod

Photo Gallery

2011 Samsung UAAP Cheerdance Competition Champions
The photos below are owned by Hannah Reyes (UPD Batch 2011). You can follow her at http://theyellowadventures.blogspot.com

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6159253546 8b1d207388 b.jpg
6159252374 c0bd3a9044 b.jpg
6159248602 d3ba350a3d b.jpg
6159245162 eb00879822 b.jpg
6159244740 603806b86d b.jpg
6159244046 63c8a20969 b.jpg
6159243374 28101d6b8c b.jpg
6159242380 2902754aee b.jpg
6159241872 fddab37138 b.jpg
6159241282 2586bd1610 b.jpg
6158719375 c8fc63dac7 b.jpg
6158717429 8b87602f90 b.jpg
6158716133 4cba4ae071 b.jpg
6158713771 9d2a8677bf b.jpg
6158713265 022a8bd2b7 b.jpg
6158712021 f4f6550dfc b.jpg
6158710941 c0510208a1 b.jpg
6158710323 585ff4488c b.jpg
6158708515 7e21112a68 b.jpg
6158707305 874b79086d b.jpg
6158706775 c470bedfe1 b.jpg
6158706305 8f64f41fb6 b.jpg
6158705187 43a46350b6 b.jpg
6158704707 f72c13f021 b.jpg
6158657151 9ece141305 b.jpg
6158715581 45604842bc b.jpg

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