UP Samahan sa Agham Pampulitika

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Samahan sa Agham Pampulitika

Established 1930
Motto “Diversity in Thoughts, Unity in Action”
Maxim “Tungo sa Pinakamataas na antas ng paglilingkod”
Email/Groups up.sapul@ymail.com/upsapul_AY2009-2010@yahoogroups.com


The UP Samahan sa Agham Pampulitika (UP SAPUL), formerly known as UP Political Science Club, is an academic, student-based, non-partisan, and socio-political organization aimed at advancing Political Science as a discipline and field of study. It is a university-wide organization in the University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus and is thus open to all students interested in political science. Its maxim, “Tungo sa Pinakamataas na Antas ng Paglilingkod”, speaks of the service-oriented and socially-conscious character of the organization.


When UP Samahan sa Agham Pampulitika was founded in 1930, it first took the name “Political Science Club” with the objective of further studying and analyzing the then timely issues that occurred, thus focusing on a more academic orientation. And due to this reason, only students of Political Science were allowed to join the said organization. But as time brought challenges, the organization also began to adapt to the changes. In the 1960s, the strong sense of nationalism that prevailed in the country became the organization’s guiding principle. Its ideology was drawn along the lines of national democracy. Hence, during the time of Martial Law, UP SAPUL did not allow that this military rule hinder their right to organization. With nineteen other organizations, they fearlessly fought for freedom. After the Filipino people emerged triumphant over the dictatorial regime, TANGLAW, the newsletter of UP SAPUL, was the first to be published in the university preceding even the Collegian. This, however, is not the only instance that UP SAPUL rode with the tides of change.

And with the organization’s renaming from Political Science Club to Samahan sa Agham Pampulitika, that it is now known as, it has become not only academically-oriented but socio-political as well. Since then, it has also accepted members from a wide array of colleges and degree programs. Nevertheless, the principles behind SAPUL – pluralism, critical thinking, duality of theory and practice, enlightened activism and academic excellence- remain steadfast. Indeed, for almost 80 years and counting, UP SAPUL has aimed not only to be a successful academic formation but more importantly, a true serving institution in our society.


Notable alumni of the UP PSC/SAPUL include Enrique Voltaire Garcia II, Jose Maria Sison, Teodoro Agoncillo, Renato Constantino, Franklin Drilon, Temario Rivera, Gregorio Zaide, Marcelo Fernan, Nurullaji Misuari y Tining or Nur Misuari. Among UP professors, included in the list are Malaya Ronas, Maria Ela Atienza, Atty. Butch Jamon, Grace Jamon, Celito Arlegue, Verna Dinah Viajar, Jorge Tigno and even former UP President Francisco Nemenzo and current Political Science Department Chair Maria Lourdes Rebullida.


The logo is comprised of the torch, the anvil & hammer, and the chain. The torch symbolizes the blazing ideals and aspirations of the organization guiding the formation of a new and progressive attitude forged by the anvil and hammer. The chain represents the formidable linkage of theory and practice.

Contact Us

Email us at up.sapul@ymail.com/upsapul_AY2009-2010@yahoogroups.com or visit us at our tambayan at Palma Hall (west wing).

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