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<h2 style="font-size:16pt">iskWiki!, UP's [[IskWiki:Community_Portal|Community]] Wiki</h2>
'''iskWiki!''' is a [[IskWiki:Community_Portal|community]] wiki of the [[University of the Philippines]]. It is a repository of information that may be useful in making University life more productive and fulfilling. Documentation on various projects at the University may also be written on this wiki. <br><br> Before exploring its abundant possibilities, you may view President Roman's [http://dilc.upd.edu.ph/wiki/index_launch.php video], Chancellor Cao's [http://dilc.upd.edu.ph/media/images/chancellor.pdf message], or DILC's [http://dilc.upd.edu.ph/media/iskwiki_PR.pdf press release] on the launching of '''[[iskWiki!]]'''. See also its [[Help:FAQ|FAQs]] and '''[[Possible Uses of iskWiki!|Possible Uses]]'''.
'''iskWiki's Video Mixing Challenge.'''  If you think you're good with videos, take on [[IskWiki_Launch_Video_Mixing_Challenge|the iskWiki Video Mixing Challenge!]]
Contributions to iskWiki! can now come from constituents of the whole UP System.
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iskWiki! is an open-purpose community wiki, a collaborative platform for instruction, research and the UP life. Explore iskWiki's abundant possibilities. Contribute now! Think Community. iskWiki's FAQs | Possible Uses | Acceptable Use Policy.

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