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About Us

The Diliman Interactive Learning Center (DILC) of U.P. was inaugurated on 6 October 2003.The DILC was established to assist in designing, developing, and evaluating digital instructional materials for use in the various courses offered in the University. It provides a testbed venue for much needed Filipino produced instructional materials. Moreover, it aims to contribute to the University's research and development efforts by providing facilities and technical expertise to faculty members who are interested in designing and developing digital instructional resources.

The DILC provides technical expertise for videoconferencing, developing learning objects, podcasting and other digital instructional materials.

DILC is equipped with two computer laboratories ideal for class lecture and training. There is also a multi-purpose room for small group interactions as well as individual study. The production room is equipped with facilities for computer-generated graphics, digital video and audio recording. There are work areas for DILC associates, a conference room, storage facilities for resource materials, offices and a personnel lounge.

DILC provides grants in interactive digital instructional material development to interested UP Diliman faculty. Click here to view the Instructional Materials Development Grant Guidelines.

The DILC Team

Director: Peter A. Sy

Administrative Officer: Rowena Moralejo

Creative Arts Specialist: Myra Jill Siason

Staff: Ma. Theresa Reamon

Multimedia Developer: Dawn Benigno

Web Administrator: Jastinne Cesar Macalalad Template:Dynamic navigation noncentered Template:Dynamic navigation noncentered

The University of the Philippines Variates is a duly recognized socio-academic organization in UP Diliman. We cater to the students of the School of Statistics. The main goal of our organization is to provide venues that will hone our members talents and develop their personalities. In a nutshell, we aim to shape our members into well-rounded individuals geared to face the challenges of the future.






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