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==USC Members==
==USC Members==
Universty of the Philippines-Diliman University Student Council Academic Year 2009-2010
University of the Philippines-Diliman University Student Council Academic Year 2019-2020
* Chairperson: Titus Tan
* Chairperson: Sean Angelo Thakur
* Vice Chairperson: Jaqueline Eroles
* Vice Chairperson: Kenneth Eser Jose
* Councilors
* Councilors
**Katrina Nessa Abad
**Owen Andal
**Fermina Agudo
**Froilan Cariaga
**Jose Leandro Alinea
**Kierra Carlobos
**Ronnie Bermundo
**Marco Dava
**Mario Cerilles
**Gemina De la Cruz
**Luis Jose Geronimo
**Hernan Delizo
**Andrea Monica Gonzales
**Richard Pagaduan
**Katrina Ross Manzano
**Renzo Relente
**Brian Ong
**Jesus Reyna III
**Raymond Charles Pestana
**Tierone Santos
**Lee Tomas Tan
**Van Sulitas
**Christopher Mariano Yu
**Jeremiah Velmonte
*College Representatives
*College Representatives
**Asian Institute of Tourism: Sheena Anjeli Botiwey
**AC: Kristine Calleja
**College of Architecture: Jan Carlo del Rosario
**AIT: Andrea Ocampo
**College of Arts and Letters: Danim Majerano
**Arki: Lee Apostol
**College of Business Administration: Jose Rafael Santos
**CAL: Stefanie Regaspi
**College of Education: Maria Cristina Brandares
**CBA: Jezrel Bugtas
**College of Engineering: Aubrey Eslita and Francesca Cielo Ravanes
**CFA: Audrey Rendora
**College of Fine Arts: Rudolf Alphonse Guibani
**CHE: John Ray Dionisio
**College of Home Economics: Ralph Andrew Adviento
**CHK: Enzo Espinosa
**College of Human Kinetics: Raymund Martin Salvador
**CMC: Liah Gomez
**College of Law: Maria Cristina Yambot
**CS: Iza Dolores
**College of Mass Communication: Jo Javan Cerda
**CSSP: Joshua Dy
**College of Music: Kriselda Ria Dionisio
**CSWCD: Ralph Revilla
**College of Science: Eugenio Leynes
**Econ: Jeremy Magpantay
**College of Social Sciences and Philosophy: Kristine Borja
**Eduk: Kris Miranda
**College of Social Work and Community Development: Ana Angela Cayabyab
**Engg: Ichan Delos Santos
**National College of Public Administration and Governance: Barbie Kaye Perez
**Engg: Paul Redillas
**School of Economics: Justin Muyot
**Law: Karlo Abuda
**School of Labor and Industrial Relations: Hazel Ramos
**Music: Dominique Jhocson
**School of Library and Information Studies: Teopisto Futalan Jr.
**NCPAG: Aldrin Nera
**School of Statistics: Lester Cajegas
**Stat: Kyle Pacolor
**SURP: Arvin Agapay
**TMC: Tobey Rabino
==USC Committees==
==USC Committees==

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Elected through popular votes, the UP Diliman University Student Council (USC) is the highest student body on campus.

USC Members

University of the Philippines-Diliman University Student Council Academic Year 2019-2020

  • Chairperson: Sean Angelo Thakur
  • Vice Chairperson: Kenneth Eser Jose
  • Councilors
    • Owen Andal
    • Froilan Cariaga
    • Kierra Carlobos
    • Marco Dava
    • Gemina De la Cruz
    • Hernan Delizo
    • Richard Pagaduan
    • Renzo Relente
    • Jesus Reyna III
    • Tierone Santos
    • Van Sulitas
    • Jeremiah Velmonte
  • College Representatives
    • AC: Kristine Calleja
    • AIT: Andrea Ocampo
    • Arki: Lee Apostol
    • CAL: Stefanie Regaspi
    • CBA: Jezrel Bugtas
    • CFA: Audrey Rendora
    • CHE: John Ray Dionisio
    • CHK: Enzo Espinosa
    • CMC: Liah Gomez
    • CS: Iza Dolores
    • CSSP: Joshua Dy
    • CSWCD: Ralph Revilla
    • Econ: Jeremy Magpantay
    • Eduk: Kris Miranda
    • Engg: Ichan Delos Santos
    • Engg: Paul Redillas
    • Law: Karlo Abuda
    • Music: Dominique Jhocson
    • NCPAG: Aldrin Nera
    • Stat: Kyle Pacolor
    • SURP: Arvin Agapay
    • TMC: Tobey Rabino

USC Committees

  • Standing Committees
    • Secretariat Committee: Coun. Gonzales
    • Finance Committee: Coun. Manzano
    • Ways and Means Committee: Coun. Cerilles
    • Mass Media Committee: Coun. Ong
  • Special Standing Committees
    • Students' Rights and Welfare Committee: Rep. Brandares
    • Environmental Concerns Committee: Coun. Alinea
    • Dormitories and Student Services Committee: Rep. Adviento
    • Community Rights and Welfare Committee: Rep. Futalan
    • Committee on Organizations, Fraternities and Sororities: Coun. Agudo
    • People's Struggle Committee: Coun. Abad
    • Committee on Policy Reforms, Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Codes and Rules: Coun. Geronimo
    • Sports, Fitness and Health Committee: Rep. Santos
    • Students' Legal Aid and Assistance Committee: Rep. Yambot
    • Education and Research Committee: Rep. Cerda
    • Gender Committee: Rep. Cayabyab
    • Freshmen Committee: Rep. Botiwey
    • Committee on the Culture and the Arts: Rep. Guibani
    • Academic Concerns Committee: Rep. Borja
    • Vinzons' Hall Ad Hoc Committee: Rep. del Rosario and Rep. Eslita

USC History

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