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Hello, I am jmtirao. That is my username on UP Webmail.

I think I was one of the first editors here. And though it is hard to start a wiki site like this, it brings much happiness whenever I edited an article and give information. Hahaha!

I admit I am bad in grammar. That's not problem. Maybe.

I am from College of Engineering, UP Diliman.

You may contact me at That is my eternity e-mail (I had it since I was in high school, and I received thousands of spams by posting my e-mail on public websites--is there any private website?).


It's Me

I am John Lemar (Magbitang) Tirao.

Student Number : 08-12780

BS Civil Engineering

UP College of Engineering

I am also a contributor and editor in Wikipedia, so I know some wiki mark-ups and magic words.

I am part of English Wikipedia, Tagalog Wikipedia and enhancer of Valenzuela article in Wikipedia.

I am a good citizen of our country.



After weeks of vacationing from editing iskWiki, I now returned.

In fact, I was astonished to see developments here. And will be willing to be part of future and further developments. I was surprised too that I can now do protect some pages =)

Ano ang mga ginawa ko sa ilang linggong pagkawala sa iskWiki?

  1. I focused on my studies. My God! I want to say that "D" word, but I was so overwhelmed that I finally finished the H*L* English 12 (...) and now finally deciding if I should take Chemistry 16 final exams... Sad to say that I was not included on the exemption list and the exam will be on Thursday.
  2. I help fellow Wikipedians to translate few (and all) pages from English Wikipedia to Tagalog, and push my adminship there. I received recently the outline of all questions that a candidate should answer, but I ignore it up to this time. Tagalog Wikipedia is run by active 15 to 20 users most of them are administrators, few are bureaucrats, two bots. I was disappointed to see that IP users can create articles, and that I am pushing to call the site to be Filipino Wikipedia, not Tagalog, since Tagalog is very regionalized. On-going debate there, and Sky Harbor insists that Filipino and Tagalog are the same, quoting a passage spoken by Surian ng Wikang Pambansa director with unknown source., anyway.
  3. And I am very sad to say that the iskWiki article on Wikipedia was deleted by admins there reasoning that this is a local wiki and has not been able to gain notability. Perhaps we should work to improve this site altogether.
  4. Speaking of altogether, I am happy that unknown IP users cannot edit here, so if such any vandalism occurs, we know who is/are the suspect/s. ^_^