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Hello, I am jmtirao. That is my username on UP Webmail.

I think I was one of the first editors here. And though it is hard to start a wiki site like this, it brings much happiness whenever I edited an article and give information. Hahaha!

I admit I am bad in grammar. That's not problem. Maybe.

I am from College of Engineering, UP Diliman.

You may contact me at That is my eternity e-mail (I had it since I was in high school, and I received thousands of spams by posting my e-mail on public websites--is there any private website?).


It's Me

I am John Lemar (Magbitang) Tirao.

Student Number : 08-12780

BS Civil Engineering

UP College of Engineering

I am also a contributor and editor in Wikipedia, so I know some wiki mark-ups and magic words.

I am part of English Wikipedia, Tagalog Wikipedia and enhancer of Valenzuela article in Wikipedia.

I am a good citizen of our country.



After weeks of vacationing from editing iskWiki, I now returned.

In fact, I was astonished to see developments here. And will be willing to be part of future and further developments. I was surprised too that I can now do protect some pages =)

Ano ang mga ginawa ko sa ilang linggong pagkawala sa iskWiki?

  1. I focused on my studies. My God! I want to say that "D" word, but I was so overwhelmed that I finally finished the H*L* English 12 (...) and now finally deciding if I should take Chemistry 16 final exams... Sad to say that I was not included on the exemption list and the exam will be on Thursday.
  2. I help fellow Wikipedians to translate few (and all) pages from English Wikipedia to Tagalog, and push my adminship there. I received recently the outline of all questions that a candidate should answer, but I ignore it up to this time. Tagalog Wikipedia is run by active 15 to 20 users most of them are administrators, few are bureaucrats, two bots. I was disappointed to see that IP users can create articles, and that I am pushing to call the site to be Filipino Wikipedia, not Tagalog, since Tagalog is very regionalized. On-going debate there, and Sky Harbor insists that Filipino and Tagalog are the same, quoting a passage spoken by Surian ng Wikang Pambansa director with unknown source., anyway.
  3. And I am very sad to say that the iskWiki article on Wikipedia was deleted by admins there reasoning that this is a local wiki and has not been able to gain notability. Perhaps we should work to improve this site altogether.
  4. Speaking of altogether, I am happy that unknown IP users cannot edit here, so if such any vandalism occurs, we know who is/are the suspect/s. ^_^


Maraming Salamat sa iyong mensahe. :D

Una sa lahat, binabati kita sa pagkakamungkahi sa iyo bilang administrator doon. Nakatutuwang malaman rin mula sa iyo ang ilang impormasyon tungkol sa Wikipedia at Tagalong Wikipedia. Mabuti rin ang iyong plano tungkol sa pagpapalit ng pangalan ng Tagalog Wikipedia patungong Filipino Wikipedia. Bilang isang mag-aaral ng Filipino at Panitikan ng Pilipinas ay natutuwa ako sa katulad mo na mulat sa isyu ng ating pambansang wika at mga wika sa Pilipinas.

Sana'y patuloy kang mag-enjoy dito. Congrats at nakatapos ka na ng isang taon ng pag-aaral dito sa unibersidad. :D Elinigo 09:07, 7 April 2009 (UTC)

Returning again

First semester 2009-2010 was busy for me. The last time I visited Iskwiki was about 5 months ago (now is September 2009), and I am thinking of returning again.

Last June 2009, I tried to login to Iskwiki, but I was surprised I cannot do that. Maybe they are fixing bugs. But it's okay. I can now login (with a unified login into prefixed sites).