Why use UVLe

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Use UVLe and...

  • save trees, time, and money on photocopying course materials
  • lessen paperwork: mark a student's work from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • provide more interactive and engaging assignments
  • leave no student behind, as you may choose to monitor who's lagging behind readings and assignments
  • automate plagiarism detection
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  • have extra options to cover your topics via "blended learning", despite all the official cancellations of classes
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  • "flip the classroom" to try to achieve better results
  • contend with students' expectations like these:
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For GE subjects or courses taught by a team

  • UVLe (uvle.up.edu.ph) can help promote a common "Tatak UP" experience across sections by sharing certain common instructional materials in one virtual environment.

  • With the "Groups" feature of UVLe, teachers can partition (and repartition) this one big virtual class in several ways (by section, topic, schedule, assignment, and so on) throughout the semester, thus helping create a variety of interactions right within the course.

  • A team of teachers can work on course materials simultaneously, mark exams or student projects together or separately.

  • A team of teachers can use UVLe as a platform to develop their course textbook or lab manual.

For a teacher teaching a course with several sections

  • Use UVLe as a repository of materials in a common syllabus for several sections of a course.

  • Customize certain materials in a course for different classes by grouping your students (by section, by topic, by assignment and so on) and restrict access to such materials only to certain groups of students.

  • If necessary, interact differently with different groups within your class or with different sections of students--all from a single platform: the UVLe.

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For requests for demo or support, email uvle@up.edu.ph.

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